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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
My Virtual Christmas Tree!

Snaged from feral_journeys.

If you also have a Christmas Gifter up, let me know, so I can visit yours!

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at pYzam.com

Work: Today I returned from a two-day end-of-year meeting for my office. It's sort of a party that we hold each year that must be disguised as training (Sssh!). We stayed at the Galvez Hotel in Galveston, and it was a very relaxing two days. We have to go back to work tomorrow, though. *sigh*

There's still some hurricane damage. Bolivar Point and Crystal Beach are pretty much wiped off the map. Much of the island, though, is recovering well from Hurricane Ike.

The weather today was story and overcast, which made the world look really weird from Seawall Boulevard, because the sea and the sky seemed to merge together into a gray, hazy thing. The waves near shore were quite choppy, and it was bizarre to think that you could cross Seawell Boulevard and just walk into the ocean. The sea air smelled wonderful!

Nice thing about the room--I got the remote!!! Last night, I watched a neat show on History Channel International about the life of Galen, the Greek physician who founded modern medicine. Apparently, he was quite the surgeon, performing not only brain surgery but also cataract removal. He worked for both athletes and soldiers. He lived during the time of Marcus Aurelius.

Books: I've begun reading Artemis Fowl, but I'm more interested in The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels.

Movie: We saw Transporter 3 last week. I liked it because I like anything with Jason Statham in it, but this one was too much the chick flick--with a chick I didn't even like much until 3/4 through the movie. I'm afraid I will give too much away if I say more. It's good, but not great.

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Glad to see you back.

I've read all but the most recent Artemis Fowl. I enjoyed them. Check your local library and see if they have them as audio books. Our library has downloadable audio books as well that you can download to an iPod or mp3 player.

Right now I'm reading the Charlie bone series. One thing about working with kids is I don't get looked at twice when I go into the kids area and look for books for me.