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Mundanities and the Not-So-Mundane

Shopping: My grocery store is selling those little packets of Buddig thinly-sliced meats for 5/$3.00. Not a bad deal. I bought five packets of the Honey Turkey flavor, along with some Buitoni chicken and prosciutto tortellini and some basil pesto.

I also ordered a new computer monitor Monday night from Amazon. It's a 19-inch widescreen that cost $136.00. Also not a bad deal, for a monitor that size that's not refurbished. It's due to arrive tomorrow evening. Our current monitor sometimes has darker-shaded horizontal lines running across the screen, and I figured we might as well get a new one before this one gives out--because I don't want to have to listen to Mark grousing about not being able to work. :P

As we were traveling to Taylor for my grandmother's funeral, we completely avoided the shopping madness of the Friday after Thanksgiving. I would have completely avoided it, anyway, though. I hate shopping when the stores are packed, and everyone is acting like lunatics. I prefer to shop online now.

The hospital across the street has been undergoing repairs from Hurricane Ike ever since Ike left the Houston area. Some bricks from the front facade came down and had to be replaced, and its basement was flooded. There's been a scaffold going up the front of the hospital for the last couple of months, with men working to replace the bricks and strengthen things.

Today, one of the workmen fell off the scaffold from three or four stories up.

The first I knew of this was when I went downstairs to put the mail in the mailbox. There was a hook and ladder fire truck in the middle of the street, and a couple of ambulances. I couldn't really see what was going on, so I thought there must be a fire--except I didn't smell or see any smoke or flames. So I went back upstairs and passed my boss' office, where she and several other people were all crowded at the window, looking out. I asked them what was going on, and they told me.

The hospital is about five stories tall, if you count the top storage level. Not a good height to fall from. I hope the workman had his safety tether on. I know he didn't fall all the way to the ground, because he had to be lowered to the street level so they could give him oxygen and CPR. I think he may have landed on a narrow ledge that runs across the front of the hospital, sort of like a porch roof.

I'm thinking the news will be bad because, when they got him into the ambulance, they were doing compressions like crazy, but they didn't turn on the siren. (The hospital by my office doesn't have an emergency room; it's a hospice-type place.)

The worst part for me was coming back downstairs to catch the bus at 4pm and seeing the rest of the workmen still doing their job across the street. I felt so sorry for them. That's got to be horrible, to have a friend injured like that and to not know how he is or if he's even alive.

I hope the guy will make it. We're all worried about him, and there's been nothing in the news.

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