Aerden (aerden) wrote,

You Have to Kill Your Darlings--Right?

Potterverse: That Harry Potter RPG I was in a couple of months ago, Memories Lost, has re-opened under better management (IMO), and I submitted a new character. They are not accepting original characters yet, so I applied to play a fellow named Williamson, who is mentioned in the books only by his last name in Order of the Phoenix chapter 36. He's an auror with a long ponytail, wearing red robes, escorting Fudge to the Dept. of Mysteries. I named him Gareth in honor of Gareth Adams.

I notice that I am playing Williamson a lot more riskily than I played Paul. On the day Williamson was accepted as a character, I got him tangling with Antonin Dolohov via correspondence, which will lead to a duel soon--because if it doesn't, Dolohov is likely to go after Williamson's family.

I don't think I would ever have taken that kind of risk with Paul--maybe when he was first created, and I didn't have a clear concept of him, but not later on--and that worries me. As a writer, I absolutely must be willing to take all sorts of risks with my characters, because the characters should always be subordinate to the story itself. Characters exist only to advance the story; the story does not exist just to give the characters life.

I don't want to become as attached to Williamson as I did to Paul. But on the other hand, the fact that I was so attached to Paul made him come alive. I was able to explore deep issues with him, really get into his head and make him a rich and full-textured character. I learned things about Paul that surprised me. I need to get into Williamson's head, too, to give him that same depth. I just don't want to come to adore writing him, the way I adore writing about Paul.

Erm...yeah. Must think about this.

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