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Movie: Mark, Tom, and I saw Twilight last night. I enjoyed most of it, except for the frequent squealing of the teenage girls in the audience behind us. They had obviously all read the books so often, they knew the lines the way Rocky Horror fans do. They would all go into paroxysms of glee when Edward delivered certain lines.

I think Edward is the big draw, not Bella.

I am left wondering--If Bella did not smell so good to vampire senses, and if her mind were as readable as any other human's, would Edward feel so powerfully drawn to her?

I want to know what in her personality attracts him to her?

Because, if I were a guy, I'd think long and hard about dating her. She doesn't have a whole lot of self-esteem and is clearly a loner, though she somehow acquired two friends--both of them by simply not competing with them for the guys they were interested in.

I liked Jacob and (Is it Amy?) a lot. I can't figure out why Rosalie isn't a typical vampire drinking human blood--unless maybe Carlisle impressed upon her how feeding only off of animals would increase her chances of survival. Otherwise, she doesn't seem to care much about anyone but herself and--maybe--her 'family.'

Anyway, I haven't read the book yet, though I intend to buy it in December. I'll be interested to see how Bella comes across in the book. In the movie, she seems somewhat like Daria Morgendorfer, but without the wry sense of humor.

This was a good movie, as long as you don't mind the squee and the occasional wallowing in chick-flickness. (g)

Greek Festival: My friend Donna and I are going to the Houston Greek Festival today. Usually, they hold it the first weekend of October, but it was delayed this year because of Hurricane Ike. I suspect a lot of the frozen food people made during the year had to be thrown out and re-cooked.

I love the food there; you can't et better Greek food in a restaurant.

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