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Sunday Update

Today's NaNo total: 2116 words.

Nova Roma: I read up on some of the leges today, so that some issues which confused me in the past now make more sense. I'm not sure what they are going to do with the current election in progress--whether they will start over or just continue with it and account for the programming error (or whatever it is) in the Cista--but at least I know which citizen class I'm in and when I will be able to vote, now.

I still think the staggered voting system is silly for a small (under 1000 members) online group, but it's at least interesting to experience in a way how the Romans did it. Still, we don't have the immense population that ancient Rome had. I think staggered voting was done in antiquity so that the Romans could have an orderly, well-monitored voting process, so everyone didn't all mob the voting area at once, and they didn't have horrendously long lines of people waiting to vote. In Nova Roma, we are all voting by computer, which is a vastly more efficient and fast method, involving no waiting in line.

I think, if they want to reduce voter confusion (especially among new citizens) and yet keep the Roman system is to simply announce on the Cista webpage who may vote when, in real time. For instance,

Only members of the centuria praerogativa (Century XII), may now vote.

And then change it to

All members of Voter Class I (Centuries 1-14) may now vote.

And finally,

Voting is now open to all citizens of Nova Roma.

No need for a new lex to do this, and it's amazingly simple. I am all for simplicity.

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