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My NR Nomen

Nova-Roma News: My paterfamilias in Nova Roma has decided to change our nomen to Corvia from Corva; apparently, the censores or someone did some research and determined a while back that Corva is more of a cognomen than a nomen. So we will be changing our nomen to Corvia, once the censores approve it.

I have also been informed that there is a possibility that I might be able to serve NR more actively in the future, and I have stated that I am interested in doing so.

I got sick the last time I tried to volunteer and wound up being very inactive for almost a year. Lately, I have been reading the main list but not perticipating much. Mainly, I've been trying to catch up on the news and noticing that some people I liked are no longer there--the Cassi, for two, and Diana Moravia, for another. She was always very witty and fun to talk to.

It is still as legalistic as ever, and the main list, at least, is still populated by people who predominantly love to argue the minutiae of NR legislation, ad infinitum.

I have got to figure out some sort of Roman craft to do. Surely there was more to Roman culture than endless wrangling over proposed leges!

I'd take up Roman music or singing, if I knew of any existing songs. Unfortunately, it's hard to perform over a mailing list. Also, I know they wrote classical Roman poetry with a far different emphasis than the way we write poetry today, so I would need to study that, first.

Hm...Paulla Corvia Gaudialis. (Joyful little not-quite-a-raven) Not a bad name, at all. :)

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