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Thursday Update

I need to go back through my journal and tag all of my little Paul Graves dialogue bits; they amuse me.

Voice Lesson: The voice lesson did not suck too badly, this week. I sang "The Lowest Trees Have Tops" and sounded pretty good, according to my teacher. I just need to get the timing and breathing right...and keep myself from coughing and avoid fighting not to cough.

Writing: NaNo has been going slowly. I make progress and then slip back. I can't decide whether to proceed with the conversation between Iona and Myrset, which I am afraid might just reiterate the earlier conversation between Myradin and Myrset, or whether I should go ahead with Myradin's and Gerrid's Bogus Swamp Adventure to Moder-Eld Zedaura's place.

By the way, chipperazzi, I am basing my character Zedaura vaguely on Isodora Radan--because I miss her. :)

Paul is seriously bugging me to write him. I might have to take a brief break from NaNo to deal with this. The stupid thing is, I don't have a story; I just want to write something moody, yet energetic and intense, with him in it. That doesn't really help me to plan what to write. Go figure.

I'll be seeing the new Bond movie tomorrow night. Given this restlessness of Paul in my brain, I'm a bit concerned that the movie might give me Ideas. Ah, well. Roll with the punches.

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