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In Honour of Crys :)

(A 'work in progress' post from a Star Trek sim I'm in, the USS Archimedes):

The day after his arrival, Lucas scheduled himself some time in the holosuite to test its abilities as a surgical simulator. As CMO, he had to keep his skills up in surgery. A CMO could be called upon to perform just about any medical function at any time. He might not always serve as lead surgeon, but he still had to be able to function when needed.

Surgery, like any skill, required practice to keep it sharp. Lucas had decided to practice today on an Andorian. He entered the holosuite and spoke to the wall panel. "Computer, run program Gregory Surg-Practice-221, subroutine C."

The white grid on black walls of the holosuite vanished, replaced with the operating theatre of a Nova-class starship. The OR doors opened, and two orderlies entered, wheeling a patient in on a gurney. "Andorian female, sir, multiple partial-thickness electrical burns to torso, with basal nerve damage to left antenna."

Lucas glanced at the patient and saw that the burns were already being treated with dermal regenerators. The antenna, however, was another problem.

"All right. Get the area prepped while I look at the imaging," Lucas said to the holographic physician's mate. He turned to the wall console. "Computer, play audio files 1-16, album Arcadian Moon by Hex. And crank it up."

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