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Aerden [userpic]
Planning for Tonight's NaNo Writing

Writing: Tonight, Myradin will have to save his sister's life and change her mind about dying.

I haven';t posted last night's installment, yet. I stayed up too late and just decided to wait until tonight.

I need to get in more wordcount tonight, to further reduce the amount I have to write on Friday. We're going to see Madagascar II, so I suspect we'll be out late, as we're taking Tom to and from his Healthy Hides meeting.

I am already looking forward to the National Novel Editing Month.

Edit: (11/13/2008) I read the first line of this post and thought of Crys. *sigh* I wish Myradin could have talked to him, too.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

So do I love, so do I.

It's amazing how these small things we write come and have meaning after isn't it?

I think though that Crys had made up his mind and in not letting anyone know wasn't about to get talked out of it.

Viv--Yes, that's my impression, too--that he was very determined to do it. So yeah, Myradin taliking to him probably wouldn't have done much good, alas. But he'd have still tried.