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Seen in lordavon's journal:

What do you wish someone would give you for Christmas this year?
I will be totally mercenary and say, "A Kindle." But I can probably just buy one for myself and save family the expense.

You can have one free, painless, no-complications plastic surgery procedure. What do you get?
My lower lips sticks out farther than my upper lips. I'd get surgery to enhance the upper lip or whatever the surgeon advised.

One change to your personality?
Make myself more responsible.

One change to your partner?
Endow him with tidiness. I tend to be tidier when I'm around tidy people.

One change to your kids?
My two friends Tom and Donna are effectively my children. :P I'd remove their OCD so they MIGHT be able to have civil conversations with each other without picking apart each others' every blessed word and getting into arguments.

You've just won a hundred dollars. What do you do?
Put it into my savings accoutn.

You've just won a million dollars. What do you do?
Put it into a Roth IRA.

Let's do that last question again. After all the debt's paid and savings are made, what do you spend on?
Buy a house free and clear, buy a new car. Buy some other residence for our housemate. Hire a maid service for Mark and me.

Fantasy vacation?
Ireland. Hawaii. Anna's house. Tricia's house. England, so I could visit with Viv, Crys, Suse, Theo, Sarah, and Rich.

You suddenly have the time and babysitting (if applicable) to do charity work. What do you do?
My dream is to start a non-profit organization that purchases closed-circuit televisions (CCTV's) for people with low vision who are living on fixed incomes and cannot afford to pay for a CCTV. CCTVs enlarge book print to enable people with low vision to read books and deal with mail and bills on their own.

They cost around $2000 or more. I would also want to have a place where people could donate CCTV's used by relatives who have died, so that my non-profit organization could do any needed repairs and then deliver them to people who need them.

What one thing would you change about your home if you could (assume the money is available)?
Get the foundation repaired.

You can go back in time and change your career. What do you do?
I'd have sought work at the State Commission for the Blind as soon as I got out of college. I would also concentrate more on writing in my free time.

What store or restaurant do you want to move to your town/neighborhood?
I would love it if a Collina's would move into the empty Italian restaurant spot across the street.

What event or attraction in your town do you wish you attended more often?
The science museum and the Houston Symphony.

Sport you'd most like to play as a pro?

Fantasy superpower?

Skill you'd most like to have? (What do you try hard at, but suck at?)
Crocheting and knitting.

What could happen today to really rock your world?
Mark taking me out to dinner at a place where a suit and tie are required, and where the's a piano bar.

What other wishes do you have that we haven't covered?
To restore my grandmother's hearing. I can't even talk to her on the phone, anymore.

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