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Today's Earworm

And today's earworm is..."Black Betty" (bam-a-lam).

I don't know why. Just shoot me now.

It's being sung in my head by the same guy who sang "Tutti Frutti."

Family: I found out something terrifying about my sister today.

She loves medical billing.

I think she must be ill. That was one of the most boring, mentally tedious classes I ever had to take. If I had to do that all day to earn a living, I'd put myself out of my own misery. But apparently, she is making straight A's and enjoying it very much.

I'm thrilled for her, but I'm so glad it's her and not me doing that.

Also, my brother-in-law is studying toward becoming a physician's assistant. It's a five-year program, but at the end of it, he'll be making more money than he would as a pharmacy tech, which is what he originally considered going into. Way to go, both of them! :D

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