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Hand of Vengeance Plottage

Writing: I love it when the characters surprise me. The Goddess of Vengeance in my upcoming NaNoWriMo story just informed me that Myradin is supposed to be the answer to someone's prayer to her. The fulfillment of that, I think, will be the end of the story.

For you IMS folks, who know the original story--Myradin finds the Lifestone because A. He's a suitable bearer and B. Matog needs for him to have it.

Once I reveal what historical person I have based my version of Kathryn St. Lorenz on, it will be pretty clear why someone seeking vengeance would desperately need a healer. But I'm not telling until December. (g) *whistles innocently and gleefully*

So...Still at work for another three hours and 10 minutes. Yea.

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