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17 Years and Counting

Mark and I just got back from the Saltgrass Steakhouse, where we had dinner for our 17th wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe we've been married that long. We're very lucky, I think.

Dinner was cheese fries, a spinach salad, and a hamburger made with Kobe beef, mainly because I've never had that kind of beef before and wanted to try it. It was a good burger, but I think the effect of massaged beef is wasted on ground chuck. I could tell that it was extremely high quality ground chuck, but I didn't get a sense of the succulent tenderness that I'm told is the hallmark of Kobe beef.

Still, all in all, extremely tasty! Mark had their steak and shrimp.

Afterward, the waiters wanted to know if we'd like dessert. I really don't understand restaurants. How can you feed people so much food and then expectthem to want dessert? I'm really coming to the conclusion that I need to just stop eating the entrees at restaurants and instead stick to just soup and salad. The entrees are just too much food.\

Writing: I did some worldbuilding for Hand of Vengeance today in musevoices and named at least some of the deities and worked out the religion(s). My idea is that there are both eternal and ascended deities. Eternal deities have been around since the creation of the universe. They are the four elementals. The ascended deities were all born human and, in the case of the God of Death, something like a Neanderthal. I figured that Death would be the oldest ascended deity.

My friend baghdaelf told me about the voice recognition software she uses, called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I've heard the name before but never knew what it was. It sounds pretty fascinating, and I am thinking of getting myself a copy at Christmas. It might do very well for dictating stories. I might find I'll miss typing, though. we'll see.

I am figuring out my NaNoWriMo writing schedule. If I want to take one day off a week, I'll have to complete 1985 words a day, the other six days of the week. Joy!

USS Courageous: Our 7th mission officially ended yesterday, though some straggly plot threads are still being tied up. We start our new mission on Wednesday, and I can't wait!

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