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Aerden [userpic]

I am considering doing NaNoWriMo this year. The project for 2008 will be the Glennis Chronicles. Since IMS died before I was able to finish the thing, I'd like to hash it out on my own in a setting that would be based on Etherea but different from it.

My NaNoWriMo page for The Hand of Vengeance

Will anyone else on my friendslist be a'NaNoing this year?

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I shall be!

My t-shirt arrived today from the USA.

It is gigantic.

Viv--Ooh! I need to order one so I can wear it at work on Fridays.


Am ML for Montreal. Probably my last year doing ML (though not necessarily my last year doing NaNo) as I find I am really not very good at projecting Enthusiasm.

Here, give me a character, any character, fictional or non-fictional, from history, literature, pop culture, etc etc. (That is, anyone from Napoleon to the Wife of Bath to the guy on the Monopoly box logo to Adam.) Preferably someone I have heard of, or whom I can at least run a google search on if I have not.

I've never done NaNoWriMo, but I'm thinking I might give it a try this year. I will probably just write Harry Potter fanfic, though. I don't know if that counts.

The point of NaNo is to get the 50,000 words written; the topic is entirely up to the writer. I know quite a few other participants who've written fanfic for their novels!

Yeah, that's what someone else told me to, so I think I could do it. The thing is, I've never written a fanfic by myself. Writing a 50,000 word fanfic by myself might be very...bad. LOL. Oh well, like you said, it's not the point.

Yup, I am. NaNo handle is "changeling13"

Marvelous! I'll add you to my buddy list.


Edited at 2008-10-25 03:18 pm (UTC)

I will be. I skipped out last year, but the pretty shiny new NaNo website lured me back in for this year. I don't know if I'll got to many (or any) events or write-ins, but I'll be writing, anyway. My husband is doing it, too. :)

Brandi--Fantastic! What's your NaNo ID? I'll add you as a buddy.


It's OctoberDreaming this year. :)

I'd like to, if I have time (kind of hard, when you're in college). If so, I'll probably work on the same story as last year--which I still haven't finished, as it happens.


Still thinking about it - but since you are abandoning me to write I should give it a shot. And since I don't have to actually type it.