Aerden (aerden) wrote,


(Under the Influence of Antibiotics)
Methyl pridnisolone tastes awful if you don't swallow it right away.

It was weird. I got up this morning feeling sicker than I felt yesterday--though I think not getting much sleep last night contributed to that. I got up with chills and an icky feeling inside but went to work anyway, because there were Things I Really Had To Do. Fortunately, the important ones got done today.

TV: Last night, I was able to see an episode of Bones that I missed during Hurricane Ike. It was the episode that Zach appeared in. I enjoyed it very much, because I've really been missing Zach on the show. I think they've also picked Zach's replacement, whose name I can't remember, but I like the guy. for one thing, he's normal, unlike the other two fill-ins. And he has an interesting story. I hope they keep him.

Going off to watch House now!

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