Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Flipping Screens & Doctor Visits

Computer: Okay, I've had enough of this crap.

What could cause a computer screen to flip back or forward to a previously-viewed webpage all on its own--and how can I make it STOP?

Do I need to reformat the C: drive? I'll do it, whatever it takes.

I can't even read my friends page without the screen going back and forth to other things.

Please help, someone!

Doctor Visit: It's been three weeks now that I've had this cough and excessive post-nasal drip. The cold is gone; the UTI is gone. I explained all of this to my doctor. She diagnosed a sinus infection and (thank God) gave me an antibiotic and a steroid.

Yea. Maybe this will take care of it, finally. The breath spasming and inability to speak a complete sentence without a cough somewhere in it have been driving me crazy.

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