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Aerden [userpic]
Scurvy and Rum

I should not have bought this book on the history of scurvy and its cure. I'm in an RPG called The Other Pirates of the Caribbean, which takes place in the same era as the movie, but with original characters.

I can see now that my character, just to satisfy my demand for historical accuracy, is going to have the grossest, most medically accurate pirate ship in the game. *buries face in hands* Ewwwww.

On the other hand, since he's supposed to be the villain, maybe that will simply add to the ambience.

Current Mood: amusedamused

Kris--LOL! I know what you mean! Even my character, Captain Ratheleigh, is saying in my head, "Do we really have to have slush (rendered fat from salt pork) rubbed into my crew's clothing to waterproof it? I am sure that must smell noxious."

Me: "Would you prefer that they have damp, moldy-smelling clothes, instead?"

Captain Ratheleigh: "Can't we just pretend my ship does not take on water that badly?"

He might persuade me; I don't know...


ROFL . . .

I remember working on my Roman manuscript and realizing that the Romans also used chamber pots . . . and that summers are humid in Italy . . . so sleeping in a room with a used pot would be this side of unbearable. My characters are getting up to use the latrines at midnight, thankyouverymuch!