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Aerden [userpic]
Potterville Writing

(In which I babble below about Potterverse fan fiction and fannish writing angst. The uninitiated may feel free to ignore.)

Bellatrix LeStrange is a fun character to write when she isn't torturing people. She chews the scenery so well and is so over-the-top. In the story I'm working on, Paul made the mistake of attracting her attention. To retaliate, she has dumped the responsibility for finding out where Voldemort disappeared to (in 1981) into his lap. Meaning, he has to get the information out of Frank and Alice Lonhgbottom.

He is not happy. In fact he's quite alarmed. He's bulling ahead anyway, though. Can't show fear in front of Death-Eaters.

Why that story? Because it's the most personally difficult, challenging canon event I can imagine Paul participating in.

Gawd, this is sad, though. Paul is my Mary Sue. May I die of embarrassment, now? I am too old to be writing Mary Sue crap. The problem is, the DE need a Mary Sue. They are so lame.

I am not sure how to write parts of this story. In general, it's being told from Sna;e's point of view. But he's going to miss all of the legilimency stuff going on between Paul and the Longbottoms. If I can't move the point of view into Paul's head for that, somehow, I'll have to explain what happened in narrative, which is telling, not showing. I want to avoid 'telling' if at all possible. It is vital for the readers to know what Paul is doing in relation to the Longbottoms; otherwise, they will miss the point of the story.

I'm going to turn one of my basic accounts into a Potterverse story archive. Granted, this is only my second 'serious' Graves/Potterverse story, but as I write more, I get ideas for more, and I'd like to get some feedback.

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No, no, no -- they're not lame. They're just written that way. Imagine a Lord Voldemort written by someone like me in my prime as a writer. He'd be evil, yes, but he'd be deliciously twisted, frighteningly intelligent, very powerful, and his minions (who would be powers in their own rights) would be bound to him by far more than just a cheap sideshow tattoo...

Dave--Have I ever told you how much I adore you? (g)

I would love to see Voldemort and the DE as you would write them. Paul would wind up very, very dead in such a universe, but it sure would be fun to read!

The way Rowling wrote them, they're just painful to read. Bellatrix is so infatuated with Voldemort so so servile toward him. I can't imagine Paul ever being servile like that. And the rest of them are too terrified or sociopathic to do anything to rein Voldie in.

Yep, I'm with you. I'd rather see grand, competent, complex villains.