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Aerden [userpic]
Harry Potterville Work

Been sick. Have not posted in a while.

Mainly, this post is for friends of mine who were in sphogwarts or whose ears I have bent, chatting to them incessantly about my character Paul Graves.

I did some more tweaking of Paul Graves, this morning.

The change I made was to have Paul's father die in 1992. So Paul would still have joined the DE, as a very junior member, in hopes of working his way up the ladder and finding his father. But if he got confirmation by 1992 that his father was dead, he would have no reason to resume DE activities after Voldemort's return. He would have surrendered himself to the authorities as soon as his father was buried.

The question at that point is, what would the Ministry have done with him?

I'd think they would still have put him in Azkaban. In 1992, they'd have no real reason to make use of Paul in any way relating to espionage, because they thought the DE were destroyed and disbanded 11 or 12 years earlier. I'll have to think about what they would logically do and what kind of life and career (if any) Paul would have after or if that became public news.

That would also make things difficult for Seth. The non-Slytherins would distrust him for being a confessed Death-Eater's son, and the Slytherins would probably consider his father a blood-traitor and Seth one as well, for sticking up for him. I suspect it might put a strain on his non-Slytherin friendships. A lot of it would depend on how Seth himself handled the situation. I know Paul would warn him beforehand, so he might not handle it as disastrously as he might otherwise, but it would still be difficult. Seth tends to hold things in


Why have you decided to make this change in Paul?

Viv--Basically, I'm trying to figure out how I should have written Paul if I had known properly what the DE were like. I didn't when I first joined SPH and created Paul. When I finally was able to read more about them, I was nauseated. I had wanted to write a strong, edgy character with some shadows and some regrets, not a sociopath or one who would willingly spend a lot of time with sociopaths.

The more I read about the Death-Eaters, the less and less sense it made to me that Paul would ever become one of them, even to rescue his father. But I discovered that, if I wrote him with a completely non-DE history, he didn't have that edginess to his personality that I so much liked. He was no longer a skilled legilimens because he no longer needed to be. He lacked many of the things I thought made him so much fun to write about because he didn't have any of the guilt or regrets that having been a DE gave him.

But if Paul's father died earlier, that enabled Paul to leave the DE much sooner. He didn't have to advance in the ranks as high or as quickly. He didn't have to do the horrific things that one would have to do, to rise in the ranks. He would still have had to do some horrible things, but not nearly as many or for as long. He could live life according to his own morals when Seth was 12 instead of when Seth was 18.

That's pretty much why.


Edited at 2008-10-12 03:29 pm (UTC)

Most confessed DEs claimed to have been under the Imperius Curse. It's a convenient out, and if Paul was a Slytherin and has not had any significant change in character since his Sorting, I don't see why he wouldn't take it. See: Lucius Malfoy.

I'm not sure that Slytherins, as a rule, tend to hold grudges: they're more interested in "who's in power *now*" rather than what people did to get there. Observe Snape, who is known to have been a Death Eater (certainly among the Death Eaters themselves) and to have escaped Azkaban by virtue of having acting as Dumbledore's spy. If Paul has not turned spy, he's got it one better than Snape.

Also see Igor Karkaroff, who got out of Azkaban by revealing the names of several other Death Eaters. Unlike Malfoy, who got off by claiming Imperius, Karkaroff has burnt his bridges by doing this, and cannot be accepted back. Yet he seems to be respected well enough that Draco Malfoy talks about wanting to go to the school run by him.

Essentially, I don't think any of the students of Seth's year would hold Paul's actions against him, unless Seth himself were unpleasant. Some of them might not even know what Paul did in the war. Those who know might whisper about it behind Seth's back, but I think that is about all.

Hi! It's good to hear from you. :)

You make an excellent point about Karkaroff. He does seem to have become reasonably well respected, even by Slytherins, though I'm not sure how much Lucius would share Draco's views. My impression of Igor is that he was a bit of a weasel.

Paul would never claim influence of the Imperius curse as his reason for joining the Death-Eaters; he would be quite straightforward that he joined them of his own free will and why. He would have gone to the DMLE with the firm intention of giving them information, should he have any that was still useful in 1992.

Seth would not be unpleasant unless he felt he needed to be. Instead, he'd feel proud and glad and would probably be hoping that his parents would remarry. *wry look*


Edited at 2008-10-12 03:49 pm (UTC)