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SP Potterish Thinking

I've been going crazy, wathing to write something, and today, I asked myself, "What if I inserted Seth into the canon version of Deathly Hallows? How would he react? What would he do?"

First off, I think Paul would send Seth there to spy for him. I'm not quite sure in what context; I think Paul just wants to know what is happening at the school; it would alarm him to have Death-Eaters openly there. He'd be worried about student disappearances, worried that Harry, Hermione, and Ron weren't there...He just wouldn't like the situation, at all.

I can imagine Seth being both angry at Snape and bewildered--because murder just wouldn't fit into his concept of Snape. He'd want to know why Snape killed Dumbledore. And, of course, Snape wouldn't give him a straight answer.

That, however, might well convince Seth that more was going on than met the eye.

Ah, well...

My computer time is about up, so I'll have to leave in a few minutes. I'd love to do more with this idea, but I think, for now, it's pretty much just a mental exercise.

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