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Aerden [userpic]
Post-Hurricane Update #1

Hello, all! I am typing this at the local library because we still don't have power at home. This computer doesn't have ZoomText, so I am pretty much just typing, and I might or might not use my magnifying glass to proofread it; depends on how lazy I feel. (g)

Mark and I got through the hurricane pretty well. We lost power about 11:45pm Friday a week ago, shortly after the storm made landfall. We have had no power since then. Luckily, we did still have water the next morning, though the water pressure was a bit low. That was repaired by last Sunday, so we have had potable water for much of this time, thank God. I really would not have wanted to have gone through all of this without running water. Not having to constantly refill the commode makes life so much easier. So does being able to bathe.

I've spent the time doing some housecleaning and yardwork. Our refrigerator looks lovely, and I got rid of some old clothes I'd been keeping in my closet for years, hoping I would someday go back to weighing 90 lbs. Since I don't foresee that happening in the near future, the clothes are now going to Goodwill or someplace.

I have rather liked not having power--not so much the lights and air conditioning, but I haven't missed the TV or Internet at all. It's nice, being able to sit in the dark with just a lit candle and enjoy the peace and quiet. There's something serene about it that I have deeply missed. Computers and TV are distractions, I think, from the kind of still, quiet serenity that I like.

Yet here I am, typing away now. (g)

I am requesting that my current leaves of absence continue. The computers at the library are not equipped with screen magnification software at all, which makes them very difficult to read. I am not even reading what I am typing right now. I do not want to have to start reading a lot of stuff, just because I have Internet access here. Let me wait until our power returns at home, so I can tend to things there instead of here.

Books: I have been reading two books: The Power of Personal Accountability and Angela of Foligno. The first book is about accomplishing in life what you want to accomplish instead of allowing yourself to feel as if you are victimized by consequences. The second is about a medieval Fransican mystic who dictated a book to a Franciscan friar about her religious experiences. I really ought to be reading Angela's book instead of typing this, but hey, I only have two hours at the library and lots of time at home, so I'll just read it at home.

I should clean out my emailbox now and check in with Obsidian Fleet, so I will see you all later. Thank you all bvery, very mucy, who have called to see how we're doing and kept in touch. That has meant a lot and has really helped during the past week. Thank you all for your good wishes. I hope you and your families are doing well. I am grateful to all of my friends. Being through this has reminded me of the depth of gratitude I owe. It has reminded me to feel gratitude just for being alive.


Glad to hear you are alright. It must be strange being without power for so long.

Any idea when things will be sorted at home.

*hugs* and love.

The last report I heard said we should have power back "by Thursday" in our area. I hope it won't be any later than that.

Thanks for the good wishes!


It's good to hear from you. I'm certainly glad you came through all right.

I know what you're talking about -- it was like that for me after Ivan came through a few years back. Our power was down for over ten days, and it was a nice change of pace. I still remember laying in bed next to the open windows and just listening...

The cold showers didn't really bother me either. Getting home from work then, a cold shower was quite refreshing!

I hope we see you back up soon!

Good to hear you're okay!

It must be strange to be without power so long. I think the longest I've ever gone without power was about a day, and I can remember sitting up one night reading a book by the light of a kerosene lamp (got a headache from the fumes, but it was kind of nice regardless).

Of course, Indiana isn't exactly prone to hurricanes. ;) We did have some bad weather that I think stemmed from the remains of Ike, but nothing like what you guys went through.

Incidentally, how are gas prices down there? They've really sky-rocketed here since the storm, up over four dollars.

Anyway, here's hoping things get back to normal soon.

Before Ike, in Alabama they were going down, and were at $3.65-$3.85. Right before and immediately after, they hit a high of $4.35, and right now are hovering at $3.99. A lot of our local stations seem to be running out of gas about seven or eight PM, though the supply's slowly starting to get a little better.

Hi, Ardys! I'm sure the gas prices are up, especially because of the storm and the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac buyout uncertainty. I don't drive, though, so I don't know exactly how much Mark is paying for the gas. We've not been driving much, either, because we know the fuel is high right now. I'll be able to give you a figure on Saturday.

For entertainment, we've mainly been listening to talk radio a lot. I was even able to get a call in to the Hugh Hewett show last night, to thank him for his fund-raising efforts for hurricane relief over the past week. I've been going to bed at 9pm since we lost power, and I like that. TV is too tempting, and I can sometimes be enticed to stay up way too late when they show five-episode blocks of CSI Miami and things like that. This way, I get decent sleep.


Glad to hear from you!

Glad to hear all is well.

I got lucky the last time we got hit with power knocked out. I had to go to Orlando for a conference. So took my laundry and went up there. (Took mom too.) We left dad in rehab (they had power.) And she was able to really just explore Orlando with no worries.

My brother and I even tolerated each other for a couple hours to take her out to dinner.

Keep in touch as much as you can. Hopefully power will get back on before the Thursday date!