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Aerden [userpic]
Hurricane Ike Report

It is 7:40pm Friday as I write this.

Not much to report, so far, just windy and cloudy outside. All of the local businesses around us are closed, though one restaurant that I went to for lunch said they would stay open today "until the wind picks up."

I bought a six-pack of Shiner Bock Dunkelweizen beer yesterday, on the illogic that, if you can't drink the water, you can at least drink beer. Hey, it worked for people in the Middle Ages...

I had half of Thursday and all of today off from work, and I spent yesterday doing laundry etc. I didn't want to be living in dirty clothes if the power goes out for an extended length of time.

The power did go out for a minute or so at 6:50pm here, but it is (obviously) back on, at the moment. Mark is hoping it will stay on at least long enough for us to watch Stargate: Atlantis tonight.

I am not looking forward to the power going out. Houston in the summer is miserable without air conditioning.

An interesting development of Ike is that the storm surge has been quite high. Galveston Island is already flooded, and it hasn't even begun to rain, yet. I don't even want to think about how bad it will get on Galveston, once the rain begins. The wind is about 50 mph over there, now. Here, it is between 20 and 30 mph.

According to the news, about 40% of Galveston residents are riding out the storm in their homes. They are insane. This afternoon, police went from door to door, trying to convince people to leave. One guy insisted on staying, and the police told him to write his name and social security number on his arm. I wonder if the fool figured out that they wanted him to do that so they could identify his corpse, if necessary? I just do not understand why anyone, if they didn't have to, would stay on Galveston in conditions like this. I would have been long gone. The media should have been long gone. Geraldo Rivera got knocked over by some debris or water this afternoon, and all I could think was that it served him right.

There is a fire on the eastern end of Galveston--a house near a warehouse, I think. The fire crews can't get to it, and the wind wasn't helping. I'm a bit puzzled as to why half the island isn't in flames, by now. I hope it burned itselff out.

Aside from that, not a lot of news to report from my house, thank goodness.

I will probably be offline for a few days, though I have to report to work on Monday unless the state changes its mind. I personally can't get to work until the buses are able to run, so...we'll see.

I'll be calling gypsy_anna, crackferret, or gypsynomad to report in after power loss, as theirs are the numbers I have in my cellphone.

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Please be safe.

I've watched Galveston go under all day on the TranStar TrafficCams.

Goodbye to Gaido's, Moody Gardens, The Strand, The Chandler House, the Seawolf, and by association, the Kemah Boradwalk.

There may be something in their place, but I doubt we'll see them again.

Again, be safe.

--Skarl the Drummer

Re: Please be safe.

I hope those places will be able to rebuild. We went to the Pelican Club at Gaido's the week before the storm. It's weird to think that the place might be gone by now.

Doing fine so far--11 days without power, so far. I hope you're doing all right!


To judge from the front page photos at CNN.com, the fire didn't spread because the flood waters were already high enough to contain it.

In NOLA folks didn't have the means to transport themselves away from Katrina. This time it'll be Death By Stupidity.

Chantal called and is safe but no power. She will be on when she can. She says she has water at least.

Historians think Noah's family probably survived on beer while they were in the ark, because they couldn't drink the water.

I was watching MSN, and they were saying that media people who cover storms like this take the same precautions as emergency teams who stay in the area. Still, they'd be a lot safer if they didn't stay at all.

Anyway, it's good to hear from you. Hope you're all still okay.

Oh, thank God! I'm glad the media do at least have some safety guidelines that they follow. That's a relief to know. Really, every time I've seen them, I've always thought they were crazy. But if they're following EMT procedures, that works for me.