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Aerden [userpic]
Dear Producers of 'Bones'...

Bring Zach Addy back, permanently. Pleeeeeeeease!

Clark Ellison was good. But if you're going to go through a bunch of weird, socially inept geeks, just go back to the one we know and love, please.


Current Mood: crankycranky

Unfortunately that's not an option. I know it sucks.

Any idea why the actor left?

Frankly it was such a lame twist. We haven't got that Season yet on DVD but it just seemed they had this amazing arc and then blew it in the final epiosde not only by Zach but just fizzling out.

I do think the London episode was hilarious for all the errors like referring to royalty all the time for the Duke - unless he was meant to be a minor royal?


Apparently, Zach was supposed to be killed by the Gormogon Master at the end of last season. But we had a writers' strike in Hollywood, and that messed everything up, forced them to rush things when the strike ended in the middle of the season. Suddenly, the Bones production crew had to scramble to bring the Gormogon story-arc to a close.

When it turned out that the season would be short, one of the producers knew that Eric Millegan, the actor playing Zach, would get about six fewer paychecks than he'd been anticipating for being on the show the full third season. So, instead of killing Zach in the final episode of the season, he decided to keep Zach alive and allow the actor to have guest starring roles in several episodes of this current season, so he wouldn't lose out on salary.

Thus, unfortunately, we got more Zach, but we also got a really lame explanation for why Zach was the Gormogon Apprentice.

I did not care for the London episode, at all. I know they try to insert humor into the show, but I also believe that Booth, as an FBI agent, should behave in an adult and professional manner when dealing with foreign dignitaries and foreign police agencies, just as I have to behave professionally when meeting businesspeople outside my agency. Booth's professional behavior reflects on his agency and his country.

Having no clue how to properly address or interrogate royalty or nobility, and constantly whining for a firearm is childish and unprofessional. I have a lot more respect for our FBI than to believe an agent would act like Booth did. It was ridiculous and embarrassing. It was like some episode from the last season of Crossing Jordan--wretched.

I like Bones for its intelligence and wit, and I can't stand to see it going downhill in quality like this.

But I will admit, Booth's complete inability to drive on the left side of the road cracked me up!

And Angela's husband from Fiji--Oh my! *fans self* :)


It was mostly due to the writer's strike that it was so fast. They didn't have the time they really wanted to show that Zack was the apprentice.

Yes he was meant to a "minor royal" LOL

Boy, does it suck. Daisy Wicks was terrible, last night. It's like they're vaguely trying to imitate the stunt on House, but badly.

On the other hand, the actress who played Amber Volakis is available now, and I'd love to have her on Bones. :D

*wanders off, whistling innocently*