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Working on the IMS/Glennis Brothers' Story

Below is Imperial Secrets babbling and thinking outloud. Most of you will have no idea what I'm talking about. I am making no attempts to explain anything, because it's a looooong, complicated story about a role-playing game that no longer exists except for occasional posts by die-hards.

I started the chapter outline for the Glennis story today. At the moment, I am in the middle of plotting out chapter 11, in which Myradin enters the Withren Forest and acquires what in the game was called the Lifestone. It will be something else in the book.

I have already made a few changes. Myradin rescues his sister Myrset the night of 'Halloween' in her 13th year and takes her by ship to 'Calypsa.' There, because the medical ethics Myradin was trained in are radically different from Calypsan ones, he can only get a job as a battlefield medic, so he signs on with a mercenary army. Things go on from there.

At some point, Myradin has to get the letter form home about his seventh brother's imminent birth. He has to be there to try to save his mother and fail. How I'm going to get him home after he's saved Myrset (his father will surely be out for his blood) I don't know, but i have to do it.

After that, it's a lot of time passage that I have to fill. Nothing can really be done with Settim (seventh brother) until he's old enough to walk, talk, and be recognized as a sociopath. after that...I could maybe make his decision whether to remian evil or become good happen at age 10 instead of 12. But that young, he wouldn't be able to exact his mother's revenge on his father, which is the whole crux of the story. Hm. I might just have to skip some time.

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