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Aerden [userpic]
Relaxing with Imperial Secrets

This is primarily for those on my friendslist who are familiar with the old Imperial Secrets fantasy role-playing game, but anyone who'd like to read on is welcome to. :)

I spent a very enjoyable evening reading old IMS posts archived on quietlyurban's website. Some of them, I have in my own myradin archive, but not nearly all. If I could figure out what to call the entire Glennis family story arc, I could come up with a title and keep everything in just one journal. Instead, I have them in two--Myradin's and tarran_glennis. I need to include stuff for the black basilisks, too.

I wrote more on my latest Tarran piece, tonight. It includes my characters Tarran, Myradin, Ephram, and Alys.

Darn...It just occurred to me that, if I actually do turn this into a novel, I probably won't be able to include the basilisks. *sniffle* I really enjoyed writing about them. But they were a tangent, created because of a fluke incident in the game, and they don't really relate to Myradin's or Tarran's stories. Rats.

Must think of a way to bring the black basilisks in, because they are too fun not to use.

And now, it's bedtime. Good night!

Edit: Ooooh! I just saw in rclementmoore's journal, the perfect solution to the 'unnecessary but loved basilisks' problem. *happy sigh*

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