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September 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
The Joys of Interactive Fiction

I've spent this morning writing and finishing a couple of posts for Imperial Secrets. I know the game is mostly dead, but I still like to write occasional pieces for my characters, whose stories are nowhere near finished. I will be writing more posts because I am about to have my character Tarran return to Alys, the woman he loves, after a long absence.

After submitting two posts to the IMS mailing list today, I went Websurfing and found Emily Short's Blog about interactive fiction. She has really gone into a lot of detail and written a lot about the subject. I'd like to read this in more depth.

Looking forward to more writing later today. It feels so good to write.


We really, really need to get together for coffee and chat. I would LOVE to discuss interactive fiction with you! :D I know I've said that about coffee 1,000,000 times... Are you free anytime next week? :)

Hey, Brandie! Good to see you!

I'm taking next Friday (the 29th) off from work. Either that day or the weekend sometime would be best.

How've you been? Are you still on for the Peace Corps? If you are, I wish you all the best with that! :) Otherwise, looking forward to naNoWriMo, if we both wind up participating.


Well, the Peace Corps and I parted ways after I talked with a few people who had been and come back. I decided that I could do more for the world in other ways. After a great deal of research into the program, I'm mistrustful of the way the PCVs are trained and managed. Maybe I'm just being over-cautious (a huge part of me still desperately wants to go), but I just don't think it's for me. David and I plan to do "volunteer travel" in the years to come, and I'm planning on taking on some serious volunteer work once I give up my day job. :)

I didn't do NaNoWriMo last year, and maybe won't this year. I don't feel connected to it anymore. But I still love watching other people do it, and I always, always recommend it to new writers because it's such a great way to connect with and get to know other writers in the neighborhood.

I could do coffee on Friday evening, maybe! David and I are thinking about escaping Houston next weekend, but we won't leave until Saturday morning.