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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
New Shoes Blues

I bought a new pair of dress shoes for work this past weekend. I have tiny feet (size 4-1/2), so the places where I can find shoes are limited. Usually, I buy shoes at the SAS store across the street from me, but I've been wearing SAS shoes for over ten years, and I'm bored with them. They are boring shoes; they all look alike.

So Mark took me to Brucette's Shoes out by Baybrook Mall on Saturday, and I found a godawful expensive pair of shoes, but boy, were they comfortable! They feel wonderful on my feet--

Except when my right little toe kicks in and the metatarsal joints in my left foot. :P

I swear, there is nothing that makes me whine like a baby, the way having a sore toe does. Seriously--whine, whine, whine!

So I'm in this wonderfully comfortable pair of shoes that my toe still hurts in. It's not quite so bad that I'd consider amputation--the left and the right little toes have hurt far worse than this. It's just breaking in the new shoes. I hate breaking in shoes.


These beauties are a brand called Munro, by the way. I highly recommend them!

Current Mood: soresore

I hate buying shoes.. my feet are two different sizes...
You should try zappos.com.. Free shipping both buying and returning!

I have trouble with shoes as well. My size is approximately nine, but my feet are ridiculously narrow, so I usually have to buy an eight and a half to get the width I need, which doesn't always leave room for my toes.

Ow! Sheos a size too small are miserable! :( The friend I went shopping with wears a size 8 or so, but apparently her ankles are much more narrow than the balls of her feet are, so she had a hard time finding anything, too.