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Aerden [userpic]
To Leianora and Timo--And Anyone Interested

Leianora--You mentioned being interested in joining the Pernese Weyr I'm helping to resurrect. We have started up a message board for discussion of stories and working out how we want to proceed.

If you'd like to join the message board, it is located at: Proboards. Just click on the link to get to the main page.

The setting is the Tenth Pass (the one after Lessa's). The location of the Weyr is in the Eastern Ring island chain in Pern's northern hemisphere. StarRise is an original, fan-created Weyr, not a canon one.

StarRise's primary focus is on writing fiction stories, not on roleplay, though we probably will start up an RP sooner or later. We will be putting out a zine every six months.

I hope it will not be too overwhelming. We're an enthusiastic bunch. (g)

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oh - Really???????

I oculd be interested, with a backstory novelette that is about half done.

- H

Re: oh - Really???????

Harold--We'd love to have you, and there are other Fort folks hanging out there. :)


Re: oh - Really???????

Umm, thank you. I'll look over the site.

- Harold