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Edouard--And the Girl Slept Late

My office is closed today until 1pm, so I have spent the morning sleeping--because I could. Tropical Storm Edouard wound up heading toward Beaumont and Port Arthur instead of Galveston, so this storm has been pretty much a non-event, as far as Houston is concerned.

So I've been sleeping and dreaming.

There was a dream about me falling in with some unethical Oriental healing arts practitioners. Mind you, I have no idea in what way they were supposedly being unethical, they just were that in the dream.

I think this dream was related to how much I dislike some aspects of getting a spa pedicure. I hate having my feet sanded down, or whatever it is they do with the pumice thing. I don't like the massage chair at all; it always feels very uncomfortable. If the massage chair is turned off, it's usually turned off in the middle of its cycle, so there's usually some part of the chair back that feels bumpy. All I want is for my toenails to be clipped, period. But no, they have to push the cuticles down, file every toenail down--I hate getting my toenails filed--and then they have to go after my heels and the balls of my feet. Some parts of it feel very nice, like the foot bath, but other parts--Ugh. My feet are very ticklish and sensitive, and I reflexively jerk my feet throughout the whole procedure, just from the way some of it feels.

The other dream that I recall involved this kid with a red, crystal pyramid thing. His father was a wizard, and he cast what looked like a fireball up into the air. The kid used this crystal pyramid to lift himself up into the air and disappear through the fireball, to visit what was on the other side--apparently, the fireball was a portal.

The really cool thing about this dream is that a song was being sung through it. I think the melody is by Sting--its melody line is in an AAAB format--the first three lines sound the same, and then the fourth line of singing resolves the melody. I actually remembered two lines of the song when I awoke: "...wondrous dreams of flight, memories of the sky."

I am amazed that I was able to make something rhyme and scan well with music in my sleep!

I think some of it was Pernish--a dragon was laying eggs in it--but it wasn't on Pern; it was in the neighborhood where I grew up.

Anyway, I'm awake now. I really don't want to have to go in to work, now that I've had the whole morning off. Bummer. :(

*kicks Edouard*

EDIT: Cool! I wound up getting the rest of the day off work, after all! It seems there's flooding in various parts of Houston.

Now looking forward to writing an IMS post.

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