Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Happy Bastille Day!

My Life (Food): I've discovered a wonderful thing: Blue Diamond's Wasabi Say Smoked Almonds. Mmmmm! I was a bit dubious,at first, because wasabi has quite a kick. But these are good! I could munch on them like potato chips or popcorn if given half a chance..

I also had a delicious pizza at Collina's the other day--topped with ground beef, eggplant, pineapple, and feta cheese. People look at me funny when I describe it, but it tasted delicious!

Entertainment: I bought tickets for Mark and myself to go see a showing of Glenn Back's summer comedy show, "Unelectable." It's airing at various movie theaters around town. Mark and I will see it Thursday night at 7pm after we have dinner out somewhere. I'm looking forward to it. Glenn Beck's a very funny guy.

Work: The caseworker who was in Immersion Training for the last month returned today, and I now have a pile of work to do, plus her travel. Yikes!

Writing: I have been working on little bits and pieces, lately; nothing of substance, unfortunately. I'm not sure if I've hit a dry spell or if K'm just distracted. Right now, I'm taking a close look at my stories and deciding which ones need changes and course corrections. I usually get 1000-2000 words written over the weekend, though.

I must stop nibbling on these almonds...

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