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Aerden [userpic]
My Commentary on Recent News Stories

Please note, all commentary below is to be read with tongue firmly in cheek.

Tony Snow's Funeral: Rumor has it that the fine members of Westboro Baptist Church plan to show up at Tony Snow's funeral and hold a demonstration--this despite the fact that, as far as I know, the man never had any association with the gay rights movement, either for or against. A funeral service is to be held for Snow in Washington D. C., which the President will attend. That mens the Secret Service will be there, prepared to blow the Westboro folks away if they show up.

I can only hope that both things will come true--that the Westboro folks will show up and that the Secret Service will blow them away. I still haven't gotten over being pissed off that they even contemplated disrupting the funerals of those Amish children a few years ago. They are slime.

Proposed next cover of New Yorker magazine: I haven't seen the image, but it's apparently pretty bizarre--shows Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim, standing with Michelle Obama in the Oval Office, with a portrait of Osama bin Laden on the wal, and Michelle dressed up as some 70's radical type, complete with automatic weapon, and the flag burning in the background.

The New Yorker's explanation is that they wanted to satire the spin that is being lobbed at Obama. The thing is, most people know better than to believe the spin and the slanted hype, and we are not amused. I was rather stunned when I heard about the proposed cover. I asked Mark, "Don't they respect him at all?"

Jesse Jackson on the Apology Tour: Jesse, all I can say is, "If it was good enough for Dog Chapman, it's good enough for you. See how well you like being made to grovel." This is the result of Jackson making a derogatory comment about Barack Obama, to with, wanting to "cut off his nuts." That was a real eye-opener. In my book, for a man to say that about another man is...vicious, really appallingly vicious.

Dr. Michael DeBakey: Oh, shoot, I forgot to list Dr. DeBakey in my 'In Memoriam' post. I'd better add him. He was a truly great pioneer in the field of cardiac medicine, and he was still practicing medicine the day before he died. My friend Becky used to work at Methodist Hospital, the same hospital where DeBakey worked. She said he used to wear platform shoes all the time, probably to keep them broken in for surgery. After he had heart trouble of his own and had to start using a scooter, she said he would drive that thing at warp nine through the hallways, getting to wherever he was going. He was 99 years old.

Book News!: Naomi Novik's latest Temeraire book is out--in hardback!!! Hurray!

TV Stuff: I learned that, had Zach Addy of Bones not been the Gormogon apprentice (because of the writers' strike), they were planning for him to be the Gormogon's last victim before the Gormogon was caught. They will have Eric Millegan guest-star in several episodes during the upcoming season to make up for the six-eight ipisodes he couldn't get paid for. I like that. That's pretty darned considerate of the producer or whoever is allowing it. And yea! More Zach!

And that's all she wrote. :)

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the bones thing... that's sort of true... They were deciding between him being Gormogon or being the victim but because of the writer's strike they had to pick that one...you should join the group 206_bones

It is truly bizarre how filled with hatred those Westboro people are. While I'm not a particularly nationalistic person, the Patriot Guard Riders rock my socks. =)

(Did you see that documentary on Fred Phelps? I needed a mental shower afterward.)

I could actually understand some of Jackson's frustration with Obama, but saying he wanted to cut his nuts out? That is just so beyond the pale. I was really shocked.

Me, too! I heard that, and I just stared at the TV and said, "WHAT?!?"

I think the Westboro folks are just brainwashed by their leader--which is said. But still, what they do is unconscionable. I think I might have seen bits and pieces of the documentary--therebeing only so much of it that I could stomach sitting through. I know Phelps' daughter pretty much runs the 'church' now.


Those Westboro people are indeed slime. How low can you get? (About that low, apparently.)

Also--eh, I've never really liked Jesse Jackson anyway. Don't ask me why. I think he just gives off bad vibes, if you ask me. Although, it seems weird to say something like that about somebody I've never met; I usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I liked Jesse well enough when I was a kid, but I like him less, the older I get. He seems more interested in beating dead horses than in doing anything that would really help race relations. Bill Cosby and Juan Williams, I think, are doing a much better job of that.


On that New Yorker cover, I think the picture is hilarious. It's so over the top that it's obviously satire. Given some of the depictions they've had of other presidential candidates, I think it's of a piece with their style. He's a politician, and from the New Yorker that kind of cover treatment is an indication that they take his candidacy seriously. What they're lampooning is the various rumors.

Yep. It's just that when the cover was described to me, I thought it was really weird. Once I realized it was satire, I could see the truth in it, but it still seemed weird.

Hey, good to see you! Ho've you been lately?


Keeping busy. Getting older.

Jesse Jackson's son expressed his displeasure, politely. In public, that is -- I can only speculate on what he's said in private.

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Isn't that Cyndi Lauper?

--Skarl the Drummer, still preoccupied with 1985...

Re: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Could well be! And I think it is...I'll go correct that tomorrow. Thanks! :)