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Braille US Silver Dollar

A US silver dollar featuring the face of Louis Braille on one side and an illustration with Braille dots spelling out the word 'Braille' in contracted Braille--'Brl'--will be released in 2009, according to a CNN news story. It was publicly displayed at this year's National Federation of the Blind (NFB) convention.

Am I wrong for wanting to grouse that there's all this hoopla about a Braille coin that has no really useful Brailled information on it--like the coin's denomination, maybe?

Though very cool, it smacks of being a political correctness stunt, to me.

The story also mentions that only a small percentage of children are being taught Braille, nowadays? I'm wondering why that is? Every employed blind person I have talked to or whom I currently work with says Braille is indispensable for maintaining employment, that you can't record everything. So why aren't more children being taught it?

I was bugged off an on throughout my childhood to learn Braille. I never did because I could see well enough to read without it. But good Lord, if I couldn't see to read without it, I'd sure as heck brush up on what I've taught myself of it. Literacy is a desirable thing.
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