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Updating, Finally!

Life: Geeze, it's been several days since I last posted. I can't believe that. On the other hand, I've been busy.

Our waterbed sprang a leak a week or so ago, and we spent last weekend cleaning up the mess. We've opted to buy a more conventional mattress, this time. I'm relieved. I wouldn't want us to have to deal with another leaky waterbed with a bad valve. Having a bad valve sucks rocks through a straw. It makes the job of draining the mattress a thousand times more difficult. Anyway, that and work are why I haven't posted in here for a while.

Potterverse: Let's see...The latest incarnation of Paul Graves is active at: Memories Lost.

It's weird...I remember that Seth always liked female characters better than male ones, usually. Paul, on the other hand, prefers to hang out with men. This current RPG I'm in is set in 1978, which I really like, because it gives me a chance to play Paul as a younger man. The earlier time period also makes it more conducive to the introduction of original characters, and it's nice to not have people all wanting to play Harry.

He's applying to be an auror; I didn't want to go the DE route again. Once I learned what the DE were and what they believed, I knew I couldn't do that kind of role, anymore; it just isn't him. Or maybe it's just not me. I don't know.

Alastor Moody's body model in this is Hugh Laurie as he looks in House. I find that highly amusing!

This is the RP in which I used actor Eric Millegan as Paul's body model.

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