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Thursday, and It's Blazing Hot

Weather Overhead: It's hooooot. Fortunately, there's a decent breeze blowing, which keeps the heat from being unbearable, but it's still pretty warm--way too warm for me to even carry a sweater around outside for when I go indoors.

Because of the wind, I've taken to wearing a hairband. Today, I saw myself wearing it in the mirror, and, oh, my God, I look butt-ugly in a hairband, with my bangs all pulled back. I have the sort of forehead that desperately needs bangs. I took the hairband off as soon as I got inside the office door after lunch.

Work: I'm taking my husband out to dinner this evening. We're going to a happy hour sponsored by the Texas Rehab Action Network--an organization geared toward getting people with disbilities employed and/or back into the workforce. They do good happy hours. The last one I went to was at a place called the Amazon Grill. Tonight's one is at a restaurant called Chuy's. Mark and I have taken to referring to it as 'that Wookie restaurant.'

One of my two caseworkers has left for a month-long training, so I'm getting a respite from her work (which I've just about all finished) and am starting on work for the other caseworker, who was on vacation for two weeks. God help me after mid-July, when they will both be here. (g)

We went to visit our local bus company on Tuesday, which also oversees Houston's para-transit system for the disabled. The system is notorious for taking forever to get passengers where they need to go. Its director admitted to us that he considered a 60-70% on-time rate to be good.

We could not seem to get through to him that such a poor on-time rate is not good for people who are working and whose jobs require them to be at work on time each day. Bosses do not care that the little old lady who rides the van with you locked herself out of her house. What they care about is, is their employee getting to work on time? I have a feeling that we will be recommending that our consumers get used to using the local-route buses and to not bother with the para-transit system. I think the para-transit vans should be used only by people who have no other alternative--either because of disability or because of low income.

TV: I finally saw the episode of CSI: Miami that explains why Valera left and that also reveals a surprise about Caine's brother, Raymond. I would have watched the Bones rerun Tuesday night, but it was the pony play episode, which I find rather icky, so I just got on the computer with baghdaelf.

Potterverse: I've joined a new Potterverse RP called Memories Lost. It is set in 1978, and I am applying to play Paul in it. For one thing, I like the idea of playing him and getting into his head at age 22 and playing him as an auror. I always before have played him as being anywhere between 37 and 50. This is the game for which I decided to use actor Eric Millegan as his body model.

His application is still in the 'pending' stage. As there is another application that has been pending since April, I am not optimistic about getting to join the game anytime soon. On the other hand, I'm not sure if that applicant ever actually completed the application. I'll see what happens this weekend.

Edit: I checked. The application that has been sitting around simce early April is nowhere near finished. Too bad, because what the person has written of it so far looks pretty good, even if it is for Amycus Carrow. *bleah, a Carrow!*

Not much else going on now. Must get back to work. Ciao!

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