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Aerden [userpic]

Some people just need to be smacked upside the head for sheer idiocy.

Heard on a commercial this afternoon: Would you rather have a car or a cleaner environment?

Well, gee...

I am completely dependent on public transportation. This alone is not a big deal; plenty of people in this world are.

However, I live in Houston, which is a very spread-out city. I don't know how many square miles of acreage lie within the city limits, but it's considerable. I have to travel by bus for over an hour and a half, to get to the same location my husband can reach in ten minutes by car.

Frankly, my dear, I would bloody well rather have a car.

Anyone who thinks it can be reduced to such a simplistic choice is out of their minds. So I have a response choice for them:

Would you rather have a horse and buggy, or a cleaner environment?

And on a more cheerful note--a quote from Dennis Miller, Monday night: "Every ten years or so, good has to go out and kick evil's ass." :) I like him; he's fun.

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In all probability, what Houston really needs is to start getting denser, and to expand the public transit system. Is there some kind of subway system in place?

Hey, good to hear from you! :)

We have a light rail system down here. They just finished building it, and it's quite nice. You can get from the Astrodome to the north end of downtown in about half an hour--which is much faster than is possible by bus. They'll be changing the bus routes around soon to make better use of the train and extending the train routes. Eventually, we'll have a pretty good system, it looks like.

Until then, though, it's a lot of torn-up streets and annoying delays. And if your transfer bus route doesn't make use of the train, it's still a long ride.

We can't have a subway here because the water table is too high. There are no basements in houses here, either.