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Some people just need to be smacked upside the head for sheer idiocy.

Heard on a commercial this afternoon: Would you rather have a car or a cleaner environment?

Well, gee...

I am completely dependent on public transportation. This alone is not a big deal; plenty of people in this world are.

However, I live in Houston, which is a very spread-out city. I don't know how many square miles of acreage lie within the city limits, but it's considerable. I have to travel by bus for over an hour and a half, to get to the same location my husband can reach in ten minutes by car.

Frankly, my dear, I would bloody well rather have a car.

Anyone who thinks it can be reduced to such a simplistic choice is out of their minds. So I have a response choice for them:

Would you rather have a horse and buggy, or a cleaner environment?

And on a more cheerful note--a quote from Dennis Miller, Monday night: "Every ten years or so, good has to go out and kick evil's ass." :) I like him; he's fun.

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