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Wednesday Update

LJ Housekeeping: I did a bit of minor housekeeping to my tarran_glennis journal--I changed the journal style from Generator to Opal and altered the color scheme and font. This is in preparation for adding new posts to it and the Imperial Secrets game. IMS is pretty much dead, but I still like posting story bits in there when inspiration strikes. My characters Myradin and Tarran Glennis are beginning to bug me to write more about them, so I'm dusting off Tarran's journal. I might dust off Myradin's, too, if Tarran's activities spur me into doing a Myradin piece or several.

Right now, I have to get Tarran into Highgate to reunite with the woman he loves. Whether she loves him in return is...complicated. Poor Tarran--not meant to have too easy a life, alas. Talking about Tarran will give me more things to include Myradin in, so that's all to the good.

Why do I continue writing in dead RP's? Because the stories are usually left unfinished, and I can't stand that. Besides, I had a long, novel-worthy story arc planned for these characters, and I can't give it up just because the game is in a persistent vegetative state.

New Moon: The New Moon ritual was good. Our high priestess decided she wanted to base it in fairy tales, so she read us the story of Baba Yaga and Vasilisa, which is a sort of mixture of Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin. Very different in many ways from the more usual Grimm's fairy tales.

She has a wonderful reading voice--knows just when to enunciate and when to do dramatic pauses and when to alter her voice for the different characters. I really enjoyed listening to the story.

Next coven gathering will be for Summer Solstice.

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