Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Book-Buying and Selling

Books: I bought some used Wicca books via Amazon today. I'm studying for second degree and want to increase the philosophies toward Wicca from what I've so far been exposed to.

One book I'm looking at is by Diane Stein, a very Dianic (Goddess and female-centered) author. My coven is a part of the Texas Dianic tradition, but we have never excluded the God from our worship. California Dianism seems very restrictive to me, but I do think I should learn more about it, just to be informed.

It is a book on ritual casting. Since I will be running the Summer Solstice ritual in June, I want to get input from this book in addition to the other books I've been looking at for that.

The other books were by Arin Murphy, Raymond Buckland, and Janet Farar. I considered buying one by Silver Ravenwolf, just to see if it is as bad as some people claim--but I've read excerpts from her books, and I agree with the critiquers, sense wasting my money there.

I'm just about done with The Wiccan Mystic and am about to begin Wicca 404.

I've been enjoying the long weekend. We went gaming last night, and I slept until about 9:00 this morning.

I'm posting some books for sale at Frimp. This is part of the house decluttering effort. So far, I only have four books up. I'll be adding more over the next several days. I really want to get rid of stuff. I'll be posting books and other items, like t-shirts and probably some CD's. I'll also be posting some things on Amazon, but they charge for selling your merchandise, so I'm not too keen about selling there. Frimp is more like an online garage sale, which is more what I'm shooting for.

Edit: You know something? People who call it 'her-story' instead of 'history' really piss me off, especially when they're writing a supposedly factual article. (I've seen that usage three times today!) There are people called men on this planet. Their gender has nothing to do with the English spelling of certain words. Deal with it. Gah!

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