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To Get Political or Not to Get Political? (A Plague on Both Houses!)

Damn. I want to respond to this request, but I am not sure how to.

I do not want my journal to be a political soapbox, nor do I want the reputation of being a rabid political nutcase espousing either the liberal or conservative point of view. I have friends from all parts of the political spectrum, and I value the friendship and wisdom of all of them.

However, it's also true that I'm a firm supporter of President Bush, and I don't consider him merely the lesser of two evils, at all.

But I am a lousy debater. I cannot think fast on my feet. The facts I read, I read to inform myself, not others. I simply read, form my own opinions based upon the reading, then eventually forget why I hold the opinions; I just know that I do and that I had good reasons for forming those opinions at the time. My husband Mark can quote his reasons for his opinions chapter and verse, but I'm not like that.

So, much as I would like to make my voice heard on this issue, I know I would be a disaster if I tried to articulate what I think, and I'm completely unable to stand up to scrutiny that requires an immediate response.

This failing is why I never tried to go into 'in your face' investigative journalism.

As far as I'm concerned, I was never lied to about the so-called War on Terror. No one ever promised me that we would whup Al-Qaeda ass and have our troops home in a month. Fighting against terrorism was always presented to me as a long, hard, gruelling struggle that would have a lot of casualties and that would likely take years.

Do I think Bush's actions have alienated people in Europe? I need not give an opinion on this, because it is evident that they have. The US and EU have different needs, and it's inevitable that we're not going to agree, all the time. I'm sure the US government would prefer to agree, or to at least be able to compromise with its neighbors. But we also know that's not going to happen all the time. Just because you have a disagreement with a friend doesn't mean you stop being friends. Politics is all about relationships, and relationships have to be constantly worked on and adapted to.

Do I think Bush is botching the whole Middle East conflict? No; I think he's doing the best he can with a thankless job. Could someone else do better? Possibly, but I haven't seen anyone I've felt I could trust more than Bush stepping up to the plate and begging to handle it.

Why don't I trust John Kerry? Because, if Kerry's own words are to be believed, he was once a military officer who 'just followed orders' and tortured a lot of Vietnamese. He said it. I've heard the recording. It turned my stomach.

Kerry--or his people--now claims that he didn't really torture anyone; he was just saying he did, to effect political change and end the war in Vietnam.

Either he tortured people, or he purjured himself before Congress--which is a crime--to achieve his political agenda.

So, Mr. Kerry--you believe that two wrongs make a right. And you expect me to vote for you? Is this the sort of morality you plan to engage in, if you're elected to run the country?

I can accept someone making an honest mistake, but why should I support a man who appears to value the exact opposite of everything I do?

Now, I'm not naive enough to believe that anyone becomes a successful politician with a perfectly clean slate. Maybe it's possible; maybe I'm just too cynical when it comes to politics. But I'm sure most people who go into politics--Bush included--have had to make a few backroom deals.

But the way I see it, what we've got is pretty darned good. The people in the Cabinet are immensely qualified and competent. We have a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at least one person, if not more, with a Ph.D, and they overall have a lot of experience in the international arena.

People complain that things are rough in Iraq, that too many of our troops are dying. They're right--too many people are dying. Even one person who dies before his time is too many.

However, things would be just as rough, no matter who happened to be in the White House. The only difference would be--if the President were a Democrat--that the Republicans would be the ones jumping up and down and making accusations. The hysteria by both parties does not impress me, nor do I think it impresses anyone else in this country, except the extremely rabid.

Anyway...I doubt I have said much in this rambling monologue that explains exactly why it is that I support President Bush. I'll try to come up with something more intelligent, with facts, and then post it.

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