Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Bones, House, and New Baby!

No, I'm not pregnant. My friend fallenseraph just gave birth to a girl! :D

(Here be spoilers.)
Bones: Tonight, they did the episode in which her father went on trial for killing the FBI director. It opened with a find that I really wish they had devoted the episode to, instead--a completely intact (and clean) skeleton that was positioned prone, but with its arms and legs pulled up in a sort of reverse back-bend. I'd hate to die that way; it looked pretty painful.

Anyway, the mystery of the episode comes at the end, when Max Keenan's defense attorney makes a case that Max is not the only person who had method, motive and opportunity to kill the FBI director; so did Bones, her brother, and Booth--at which point it occurred to me that Bones could have committed the murder.

Despite the fact that Booth doesn't appear to entertain the idea for more than a moment before dismissing it, I actually chewed on the notion for a while. I finally decided that, though I believe Bones is entirely capable of killing the FBI director as described, she wouldn't have let her father be arrested for it. She would have simply murdered the guy and then called the police to inform them that she did it.

Am I wrong for no longer feeling disloyal to Leonard McCoy for being comfortable with calling someone else 'Bones?' :)

House: Someone decided to use House's fascination with bad soap operas by incorporating it as a plot device. He kidnaps the male lead, believing that the man has a brain tumor. He turns out to have something else that is completely unexpected, but not before they have tested him for Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder, and tried wide-spectrum antibiotics on him for what they think is a reging infection.

I never heard them mention his WBC count before prescribing the antibiotics; they simply presumed he had one because of fever. Also--I know someone with Graves' disease. The actor would have to have been in the very earliest stages of it to guess that, I'd think. He was lean, but not dreadfully skinny, did not have the blackness around the eyes, etc.

On the other hand, I'm not a doctor; I only wrote one for Pern. :P

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