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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Looking for Books on Wicca

Wicca: I am looking for advanced books on Wicca to read. Currently, I am studying The Wiccan Mystic and a book called Wicca 401. I'm looking for books which are beyond the usual 'This is how to set up an altar, and this is what the Sabbats are' kind of thing. Titles of books which delve more deeply into Wicca, especially along the lines of mysticism, would be appreciated.

Work: My mid-year review went quite well. Today, we're having a breakfast for Secretaries' Day. I refuse to call it 'Administrative Professionals Day' until it is actually believed by people that the support staff are professionals. To accord us that courtesy title without the salary of a so-called professional is empty and not anything I respect. Just call me a secretary. Besides, 'Administrative Professional' is a bloody mouthful.

Today, I am wearing the exact same outfit I wore on St. Patrick's Day, but everyone is acting as if they've never seen it before. *rolls eyes*

I am sipping on a bottle of V-8 juice. The breakfast doesn't start until 8:30. and I'm hungry now. (g)

Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: "Heaven's Angel, Devil's Daughter" - The BeeGee's