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Coven, Music, Family, and Writing

Coven: We had a good coven meeting last night. Instead of doing the usual Ostara ritual, we all sat down and made some decisions about changes we would like to see made in the coven--where it's been and where we'd like it to go, and how we want to implement those changes.

Firstly, we decided that our days as being primarily a teaching coven are past. We have a good group now, and all of us are reasonably experienced people, capable of functioning as high priest or priestess as needed. What we need to focus on now is deepening our skills and our personal perceptions of and relationships with deity. This means doing a lot more work, planning, and practice than we've been doing. It means making more of an effort to live the faith than we have been. I think that's all to the good.

I also spoke to them all and let them know that I consider myself a deist now. When it comes to paganism, this is a good thing, because it frees me to accept the divine in any deity because, to me, they are all aspects of the same greater thing. I told them that I had had doubts for a long time as to whether I should be attending a Wiccan circle because I didn't feel Wiccan; I felt more Christian. Then I realized what my root disagreement with Christianity is, and I realized that deism fit me the best.

I think regarding the world from a deist perspective will help a great deal in the ritual work, and, since we're about to concentrate more on the actual practice of Wicca--the nuts and bolts of it, instead of just doing rituals eight times a year, this should be a beneficial thing.

Another thing we're going to do is create a private mailing list for the core members. Right now, we have a mailing list that began as private but that grew to include close friends and prospective members who never joined the coven. So we're going to two mailing lists now, so that serious coven business can be conducted only among the committed and initiated members, and more general announcements can be sent to the public list.

Music: The accompanist for the NATS spring student auditions and I finally got in touch with each other. She lives way out in BFE, otherwise known as 'somewhere near Cypress, Texas.' I hope the accompanist for next year will live closer in to town.

Family: We celebrated my Grandma Smith's 94th birthday yesterday. She is still pretty alert, though I think she's beginning to have some short-term memory problems; it's hard to tell. We had Italian creme cake and ice cream. Mark, our friend Donna, and I also celebrated our friend Tom's birthday yesterday around noon. We took him out to Casa Ole.

Oh, one funny bit about dining at Casa Ole--The waitresses were all wearing bunny ears, which was especially hilarious when they would walk past with a tray of drinks in one hand, reminding me so much of waitresses at the Playboy Club that I had to restrain the urge to giggle!

The were wearing their regular uniforms, though, not Playboy Bunny outfits, by the way. (g)

Writing: I spent much of Sunday morning writing, working on a fantasy story. I'm finding that I already want to make changes. Another weird thing--I now know why my main character's former teacher always insisted on himself and his apprentices having long hair and beards. It's because he incorrectly cast on himself the spell that gives mages in that universe longevity. Instead of allowing for normal cell division with a low rate of telomere degradation, he did the math wrong and instead got himself a low rate of cell division with normal telomere degradation.

This means that it was very difficult for him to heal from injuries--so he didn't want razors or barber shears anywhere near him.

I love the interesting little details like this that you come up with while writing. They are what make writing the most wonderful occupation in the world.

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