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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Poetry Work

Writing: I've been wrestling with my poem "Sword" all evening. It is based on Paul Graves' story, but told in metaphor, and my first version of it was a religious poem--except I was never satisfied with it. It was too long, and I felt like parts of it were schmaltzy

I'm still not satisfied with it. I've cut quite a few lines, even some of my favorite ones, but this poem is definitely turning into a piece of 'sullen art.' I hope the end result will be worth it, because I'd like to enter it into a poetry contest if I can find a suitable one.

Must remind myself to buy a copy of Poet's Market 2008 in April.

Voice Lessons: "Simple Gifts" is coming along a lot better; I just have to keep practicing it like crazy. Having the sheet music, instead of just the lyrics, helps a lot.

The NATS spring student auditions will take place Saturday, March 29th.

Life: I am off work for Good Friday; I'm going to see about attending services at the Catholic church around the corner from my street, since the buses will be running on a weekday schedule. I'm looking forward to it.