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A Journal for My Characters

I was really hoping to stave this off, but my character Simon has started bugging me for a journal, and I can hear Aerden echoing him, not far behind.

Why am I so tempted to write journal stuff for my characters, when I should instead be getting off my butt and writing their stories?

And a little voice inside my head says, brightly, "Well, but this is character development!"

Excuses, excuses. Bah.

Still, at least here, I could write all of Pern-Aerden's letters to Ygrette, which he keeps in a box in his weyr, where his daughter Yrdani won't find them. I didn't intend for her to find them until after he died, but maybe he'll give them to her when she turns 18, or something.

::Gives self a funny look:: Would I really want a bunch of letters that my dad wrote to my dead mother, who I never knew? I'm not sure I would. Maybe he only gives her selected letters, the ones in which he writes to Ygrette about Yrdani growing up, and keeps the really grieving ones for himself? I think that would be better. Yrdani can find those, after he dies.

Geeze, I sound really depressing, don't I?

It feels weird to write this, knowing that only half of the people (if that) who read it will have any idea what the heck I'm talking about, with regard to Aerden.

Oh well...My Pern friends don't know Simon or Tarran, so I guess we're even. (Meaning the evil Tarran, Kelli, not the one at Igen.)

I think that, for now, my characters will all share a journal. I'll just get different icons for them. I'll have to find pictures of Scottish fishermen, to find one for Simon. Tarran...Hm...I might have to resort to an anime drawing, there. I've never found a picture of anyone who looks like him or his brother Myradin.

Bleah, anime.

If I would just give my characters facial hair, I could simply use some Lord of the Rings icons. Some of those for Aragorn are just luscious!

Hm...I just remembered that I want to do that character development questionnaire for Rakhailan. I should get cracking. Will post later, once I've answered at least 25 of the questions.

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