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PSA: Hard Copy Readers and a Screen Reader

Two Useful Tools for People with Low or No Vision:

Read This to Me is a service for the visually impaired that will read to a person anything that is faxed to them, including bills and letters. The downside to it is that you have to be able to fax things, which means (unless you own your own fax machine) going to your local Kinko's--if you can get transportation. I think I've mentioned them in this journal once before.

System Access To Go is free screen reader software from a company called Serotek that you can download to any computer, wherever you are, whereas JAWS software must be installed on your computer and limits you to that one computer.

I'm not impressed with their website, because it only has the screen reader on it (Click on the 'Begin' button.) and doesn't go into much detail that it is a screen reader, though it does show it working on the site. I would think most computer users would like to know the specifics of a download before they do download it. Other than that quibble, no objections.
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