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Aerden [userpic]
Basic Accounts Gone

Apparently, as of yesterday, Livejournal did away witn the ability to create new Basic Accounts.

I suspect this is going to piss a lot of people off. The change is not even mentioned in yesterday's news post.

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It already has.

Still not quite sure what is so terrible about a few ads when every other journalling site has them unless you pay for an account or don't allow you to do that.

What's going to make people angry is that LJ was very sneaky about the change, instead of announcing it openly. They vaguely allude to it in the news post, but they don't go into any specifics.

Unless they publicly announced it elsewhere, and I just missed it. I agree with you about other journaling services--yes, they do give you ads unless you pay for the services, and that seems reasonable to me.


No, it wasn't announced but given that a few folk on the news post were saying that they wanted to create hundreds of accounts to protest the change but robbed of the chance without announcement.

It's immaturity like that that probably prompted them trying to slip it under the radar.

That is juvenile. I know Brad Fitzpatrick didn't want SUP to do this, but frankly, LiveJournal is a business now, and it has to pay for itself just as any for-profit business does. So people being childishly angry that they can't get a free lunch any longer are likely to find that more sensible users don't pay them much attention..


I agree... I already see adds on my LJ... *shrugs* I just ignore them


So this news is for people who wish to create a new basic account and not for people that have basic accounts already in existence, right?


Re: Question

Hi, Meredith! Right. If you already have a Basic Account, they're not going to put ads on it. If you create a new free account from now on, then it will have ads.

This is pretty much the same practice as any other blog service. LJ was lucky up until now because Brad, its creator, doesn't like ads and wanted to keep LJ ad-free. But since he sold LJ to a for-profit business, that business has to make money, so new free accounts will now have ads.