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Aerden [userpic]
A Wiki for My Stories

I have come across a very useful tool called Wikidot. It is a wiki hosting service that allows you to create your own wiki to store and link information on. I've created a private Wiki there: MuseVoices Wiki.

I am using it to store and link information regarding my story settings. So I am putting all of my stuff for Avriet, Dakmir, Ealdru, Lenoir, The Devil's Due, and even the Paul stuff, over there. I wish this had existed during the time of Imperial Secrets, because it would have been an extremely useful research tool.

This is incredibly helpful because I can search by tags to find information I may have forgotten, like a minor character's last name, or the name of a flower, or the high priestess of a religion--I can put it all there, and it's at my fingertips. I can even cross-reference by using global tags such as 'magic' or 'diseases' if I can't remember which story a disease or type of magic goes with.

I love this! I suppose it's like a journal in a different format, but having the tag cloud on my main page makes it easier to access information quickly.


Oh my gosh, I am in love with this new site! I am going to do the same thing for my story! Thank you so much for posting this link!

Always glad to help. :) It really is amazingly useful.


And if you set it to private it's completely private, right? And no one else can see it unless you invite them to?
(I read the Privacy Agreement, but you can't be too careful regarding your story, right? I'm doing the same thing as you.)

Thank you! :D This will definitely help!

Kris--I'm glad it helps! I was actually thinking of your Talarian stuff when I started inputting my information. Good luck with it!