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Checking in for Tuesday

Mark and I went to vote in the Texas primary election this evening. I was quite surprised; we were able to vote immediately. I had expected a long line, even though it was 6:15pm by the time we got there.

The voice lesson seemed to go pretty well. My teacher is looking for a different accompanist for the adults for the NATS auditions, as the one she found was going to charge $40 for a one-hour rehearsal, $60 for the competition, $30 for her time, waiting for the finalists to be announced, and then another $50 to play if any of us went to the finals--that's for each student. The accompanist for the high school students is only charging $35 for the rehearsal and competition playing, plus an extra $10 if the students make it to the finals.

I agree with my teacher. I paid $100 for the accompanist last year. He was worth every penny, but it was still more of an expense that I really wanted, even though I'm sure that was the going rate. I'm not about to pay $180 for an accompanist, this year. I'll decline to compete, if that's the case.

"Voi che sapete" is going pretty well, and I'm quite comfortable with "Vittoria, mio core." We begin intensive work on the arrangement of "Simple Gifts" next week.

It seems I have a problem with jutting my jaw out as I sing, so now I get to work on curbing that. It's hard; I've apparently had 43 years to ingrain that habit into my muscle memory. Eeek!

Homework: I did the final tweaks on the third draft of my research paper. I hope I get another A. (g)

Fan Fiction: I also made some changes to the Paul Graves AU version of what happened to Frank and Alice Longbottom. I'm telling it from Snape's point of view. I think it's easier to introduce original characters through the eyes of a canon character whom readers are familiar with.

Difficulty, though--Paul and Snape as I write him think a lot alike. I'll have to beware of that. But they're both intelligent men, so maybe it's not too surprising?

I hope having Snape interact with him will make him seem less of a Mary Sue. Somehow, when you tell a fan fiction story from your own character's point of view, that just screams Mary Sue, whether your character fits the description of a Mary Sue or not.

It's really, really weird to realize that Paul is not as afraid of Bellatrix Lestrange as he was of Voldemort. After all, he went to school with Bellatrix; she was a year older than he. He considers Bellatrix very dangerous but not impossible to defeat. I'm leery of putting that attitude in because I don't want people to think that he's not wary of her. He's quite wary, but he's not going to back down from her, either. She can die. Voldemort was a completely different matter.

I don't think Paul knew about the horcruxes; I don't think he ever delved that deeply into the Dark Arts, and I'm sure that was never taught at Hogwarts.

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