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The Wizarding Graveses Have Sprogged

This is about a Potter RPG I was in. Those not interested, please feel free to skip.

SPH: Okay, that's the last straw. I have got to write something Gravesy or go mad.

On the bus ride home from work, I imagined Seth having a conversation with his 14 year-old son. I don't even know the son's name, but Seth was talking to him about Cicuta Bulstrode's death.

Lord! Of all things to talk about!

Then I came up with the first line of a Narcissa story: "Narcissa loved flowers and butterflies because flowers and butterflies were safe to love."

This was swiftly followed by Dumbledore and the Sorting Hat having a conversation about her.

I think I'm about to commit fan-fiction again. It might even be a Narcissa story.; I'm seriously considering it.

And, by the way, padfoot_uk, I loved your drabble!

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