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Aerden [userpic]
Thank God for Cherry Coke Zero!

I really, really needed a Coke this afternoon--I am feeling zonked out--but I didn't want the 240 calories per 20 oz. bottle of The Real Thing.

Ahhhh....Feeling a bit better now, slightly more awake.

Class tonight. Ugh....

Current Mood: tiredzoned out
Current Music: "Voi che sapete" - W. A. Mozart

If I was going to write an advertisement for Diet Pepsi, it would go something like this: "Diet Pepsi: Not Nearly as Disgusting as Diet Coke!"

I generally prefer Pepsi over Coke anyway, but as diet drinks go, Pepsi is palatable whereas Coke is just horrible. I tried Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi and found that the cherry flavor did help to mask the diet flavor--I assume the same would work for Diet Coke as well. Although I've actually never tried Coke Zero.

I also think Diet Dr. Pepper is okay, possibly because Dr. Pepper has such a strong taste anyway.