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Aerden [userpic]
Thank God for Cherry Coke Zero!

I really, really needed a Coke this afternoon--I am feeling zonked out--but I didn't want the 240 calories per 20 oz. bottle of The Real Thing.

Ahhhh....Feeling a bit better now, slightly more awake.

Class tonight. Ugh....

Current Mood: tiredzoned out
Current Music: "Voi che sapete" - W. A. Mozart

We usually drink Coke Zero, but when we tried Cherry Coke Zero, it was so disgusting! It tasted just...I don't even know.

But I'm glad you liked it!

Michelle--I like Coke Zero, too, but the last time I drank some, I didn't like the way it tasted, so I gave the cherry version a try.

Coke Zero tastes sooo much better than Diet Coke. And New Coke was just...unspeakable. I see they've come up with Coke Blaq and Coke Plus now. When will they come out with Chocolate Coke, is what I want to know?


Yeah, I'm not really a fan of Coke Zero in the first place. I really don't like Diet Coke's aftertaste. It stays with you for a long time.

It's so weird, but I like regular Coke over regular Pepsi and Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke!